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We are creating Neptune Pine Watch Faces for both the original Neptune Pine SmartWatch as well as the upcoming Neptune Pine Wear SmartWatch version. Since the original Neptune Pine is a full Android OS device, and not a peripheral (like Wear SDK SmartWatches) that needs your phone or tablet to work, you will find that our Watch Faces Widgets described under the APPS button above (on the left) will work on your Neptune Pine smartwatch. If you have a Neptune Pine Wear SDK version, you can use one of our Wear SDK Watch Faces applications which are compatible with the other five manufacturers covered on the left side of this website's user interface. I cover Pine SmartWatch Faces development in my book on Android 5.0 that I wrote during 2014 called Android Apps for Absolute Beginners (Third Edition, August 2014, Springer-Verlag | Apress). We create Android LockScreen Watch Faces and Android Wear Watch Faces in our content development agency studios where we create Application Designs, Wear Watch Faces Content Development, 2D Games, 3D Games, 2D eBooks, 3D eBooks and 3D Smart Watch Faces Publishing. We design Interactive 3D (AKA i3D) Watch Faces, using modern 3D rendering (POV), 3D modeling (SILO, MOI), 3D animation (Autodesk), Android 5 (Intelli-J), HTML5 (NetBeans), WebGL, CSS3, JavaFX and JavaScript.

Over 25 years of scratch modeling, coding, user interface design and content optimization experience in digital new media allows us to create, design, code, data optimize, and publish Android Wear Watch Face Applications using a mere one to two megabytes of Java code and digital image data. We do this for international brand manufacturer clientele, as well as for the general public, as you will see on our Amazon and Google Play stores. The focus of our Neptune Pine Android Watch Faces product line is 100% Stunning Visuals, while, at the same time, making sure Android Wear Watch Faces Application designs, graphics and code result in a miniscule file size that spans from an ultra-compact 1MB up to a very reasonable 2MB of total data footprint, if the Watch Facea or Widgets are being targeted for 1920x1080 HD resolution devices such as HD iTV Sets, HD SmartPhones and HD Tablets. We may use a 3MB or 4MB Watch Faces Wearable Application data footprint if we also move to support the repidly emerging 4K, also known as UHD, consumer electronics products, which currently include UHD 4K iTV Sets, UHD 4K SmartPhones, UHD 4K Tablets, and UHD e-Book e-Readers. We do this so that your Android Watch Faces will always function with blazing fast speed, function smooth as glass, be fully i3D, and a completely immersive user experience, no matter which of the Android SmartWatch manufacturers you have selected to utilize our Cool Watch Faces with.