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LG Electronics Watch Faces can either be square, for the LG Electronics G SmartWatches, or round, for the LG Electronics R SmartWatches. Our LG G and R Watch Faces match the LGE SmartWatch capabilities precisely, giving the very best end-user experience possible on the LG Electronics SmartWatch platform hardware.

Android Wear Watch Faces Application Development is a precise and exacting undertaking, leveraging the most complicated 3D and i3D software packages as well as programming IDEs such as Intelli-J, Eclipse and NetBeans. Fun Watch Faces Agency creates Interactive 3D (also termed i3D) Android Watch Faces by using the leading 3D texture mapping, 3D model and animation software packages in conjunction with the latest Android 5.0 integrated development environment platforms and technologies. We have over 25 years of experience with digital multimedia application design and data footprint optimization for the Internet and Embedded applications. This allows us to fabricate, UI design, program, data optimize, publish and promote our i3D Android Watch Face Applications internationally. We can deliver photorealistic Watch Faces using only one or two megabytes of code and image data. We also do this on contract for our international brand manufacturer clientele, if your company or brand needs an Android Watch Faces application with unmatchable style and flair.

The target objective for our LG Electronics G Watch Faces product line is 100% exceptional 3D watch faces quality, as you can see from this website as well as from our Google Play storefront. Using the same work process, we also make certain that our Android Wear Watch Faces Applications feature the most compact file size (data footprint), so as not to take up any of your Android device's valuable memory, storage or processing power. We execute this objective in such a way that your SmartWatch Faces are extremely responsive, operate as smooth as a baby's bum, leverage photoreal i3D technology, and are a pleasure to use. Thanks for visiting and enjoy our WatchFaces!