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Contact Fun Watch Faces today for all of your custom 3D Android Wear WatchFaces Application Design, Watch Face Development and SmartWatch Publishing in the Google Play Watch Faces Store. We are contracted to create Interactive 3D (abbreviation: i3D) Android 5.0 Watch Faces using the JetBrains Intelli-J 14 IDEA along with cutting-edge 3D components, fully animated, and optimized using Adobe Photoshop CS6 so the data footprint of a SmartWatchFaces app is under one megabyte of code and data.

The reason we can get this amazing result is due to 25 years of "created from scratch" multimedia content development experience. We do all of the "heavy lifting" for you, and model, render, mask, composite, create the user interface, design the user experience, then we write the Java 7 code, XML mark-up, and finally data optimize and publish an Android WatchFace API Custom Branded Application to the Google Play WatchFaces Store. We do this for our international brand manufacturer clientele, as well as for the general public.

Contact Us Today at: for a quote for creating your custom branded Android Watch Faces Application Design, Programming, Development, Testing, Data Footprint Optimization and Publishing in Google Play WatchFaces Store! Thanks for visiting our website, and have a great day! The FunWatchFaces Team.