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Watch Faces Widgets are the new trend in Android LockScreen decoration, because with millions of SmartWatch products selling from nearly a dozen major Android product manufacturers, customers and end-users want their SmartPhones and Tablets to watch the Android Watch Faces they are using for their SmartWatches.

For this reason, we are creating our Watch Faces in two different formats, using the Android 5.0 Intelli-J IDEA. One format will be for Android Watch Faces API in Wear SDK, and the other format will be full Android 5.0 (with Android 4.0.3 through Android 4.4.4 backward compatibility), and will be a "widget" that can be used on the lockscreen as well as used on the Android SmartPhone or Tablet HomeScreen (the Unlocked Primary OS Icons and Widgets navigation Screens). Android Widgets are mini-utilities, such as Watch Faces.

The objective of our Fun Android Watch Faces Widgets product line is to provide a SmartPhone or Tablet Watch Faces Widget that matches your Android Wear Watch Faces app. We are also making sure that our Android Watch Faces Widget file size ranges from a reasonable 2MB up to around 4MB of total data footprint. This is so that the Watch Face Widget application will look crystal clear on high-definition (HD resolution) devices. These would include 2K pixel (1920 by 1080) iTV Sets, HD SmartPhones and HD Tablets. Our Watch Faces Widgets will also be offered in versions which support the emerging 4K (also known as UHD) consumer electronics products. These would include 4K UHD iTV Sets, 4K UHD SmartPhones and 4K UHD Tablets or e-Readers.